Why Attend Oh So inspired? 

Inspire others, inspire yourself, inspire creativity.


Because the journey of a small business owner or manager is often a lonely path, one often needs other committed, like minded vendors to HELP, GUIDE and BOUNCE creative ideas off of.  We need more than ever to establish a COMMUNITY.

There is no better place to be INSPIRED than at our serenely beautiful venue secluded from the interruptions of your day to day mundane tasks.  It's an intimate surrounding where we'll FEED your mind with KNOWLEDGE and PROFESSIONAL WISDOM that you can't read about at your desk but one that you'll need to EXPERIENCE first hand. 

 It's an opportunity to get REFRESHED and to REFUEL at the end of your wedding season so that you can have the PERFECT MOTIVATION to get the next year started on the right foot. 

Let us SPOIL you and ENRICH your senses.  For once instead of always being the one behind the scenes, setting up a trade show,  planning an event, or designing a wedding.    See what it is like to be on the receiving end of a guest experience so that you can take actionable steps toward creating REMARKABLE experiences for your own clients.  

Leave with insider tips, valuable business connections, and newfound resources that you can apply strategically as you DEVELOP your course of action.   We cover  marketing, pricing strategy, social media, style trends, branding, collaborations and business partnerships, and other current hot topics that will effect your bottom line. 

Because it's a warm and inviting place where you feel accepted, SUPPORTED and embraced.  

It's an INVESTMENT in the greatest asset you have --- yourself! 

Who should attend Oh So Inspired?


The Oh So Inspired Retreat is wonderful business retreat for those who work in or own a wedding or event elated business. For those who are new this is great place but we think it is best suited for those who have been in the trenches for  little while because 

OH SO INSPIRED RETEAT is for business owner or company who


wants TOOLS to take their business to a new level

wish to sort out what their GOALS are so that they can use those specific goals to create the business they were meant to have

wants to ENGAGE with other top notch vendors so that they can establish a stronger presence in their market place

needs to establish some BRAND recognition

have had so - so years and just need a FRESH perspective

struggles to define what they do BEST

needs to finally FIGURE OUT how to run a financially stable business instead of just going through the MOTION

hasn't found ways to meet EDITORS and WEDDING insider's who could help their brand get a leg on the competition

is in search of some passion because they are feeling BURNED out. 


What Business Topics might i FInd...



EVERY YEAR produces its challenges.  This year some of the topics will be geared toward

Millenials - Defining and Selling to the next wave of clients

Business Reflections: What to do when the PHONE stops ringing?

 Hot Topic - Two is better than One, The Benefits of Collaboration 

Tough Love - it's time to get down to WORK

STATE of the INDUSTRY - where have we been, where are we going and how to learn from what is coming ahead

New Tools to make your jobs more EFFICIENT

Define who you are, Don't just Follow where others lead

Editors and Insider's Tips

Styling Wow

Social Media, it's hear to stay so how to PREVAIL