Photo by Sylvie Gil  Standard Party Rentals Design Challenge

Photo by Kevin Chin

Photo by Kevin Chin



Sometimes it’s not finding inspiration, but rather cultivating it from what already exists.  

In 2014, Oh So Inspired started when original founding partners Nancy Liu Chinof NLC Designs, Mary Phan of Very Mary Inspired & The Sketchbook Series , and Kelly McLeskey-Dolata of A Savvy Event got together to share how each were able to reignite a passion for their work.  For Kelly, it meant remembering that her goal was to provide her clients with a unique event —each one a stand-out because of her care and creativity.  Nancy needed to challenge herself again—delving deeper to create original designs that might perhaps serve as motivation for others.  Mary’s journey took her back to her roots as a sketch artist, but also down a new path as a teacher—her endeavor fueled by the excitement of the students in her classes. 

For these women, the inspiration necessary to take their work and business to the next level sparked a desire to bring a different kind of learning.  

During the last Oh So Inspired retreat, current managing partners Kelly and Nancy of Oh So Inspired noticed that the OSI experience was indeed evolving into more than just a sanctuary for tiresome business professionals who needed to refuel at the end of the year, it has become a business-centric retreat where attendees work on concepts beyond the fundamentals.   

This past OSI has seen more in-depth discussion on branding, reinvention, styling for social media, scalability and wedding trendsetting. Each year OSI plans on breaking ground and creating new experience for our attendees. 

Oh So Inspired is an intimate business focused retreat for event professionals designed to elevate their creative brand and build concrete businesses. In depth current business discussions, experienced and relevant educational speakers, creative hands-on breakout sessions, styling seminars, goal setting, topic driven expert panels, intimate evening events featuring inspiring designs, strategic networking opportunities are just a few of the unique experiences planned specifically so that each individual will leave having the skill sets and insight needed for growth.  These newly attained insights will help propel one's  business, brand or career to the level which they aspire to.

In the end, the goal is for you to see that Oh So Inspired is really just Oh So You(and your Business)…We can't wait to meet you!