OH SO INSPIRED 2018 ITINERARY | spring 2018



1:00 PM Registration & Welcome to Hotel Archer

3:00 PM Afternoon Speakers

Evening Alfresco Cocktails and Welcome Party Sponsored by The Knot Designed by Charmed Events




8:30 AM Breakfast from Hotel Archer

General Learning Session 

Founders Welcome 

Key Note Speakers I & II

Small Group Discussions

12:30PM Lunch by Hotel Archer Sponsored by Aisle Planner

Key Note Speaker III

Small Group Sessions

Casual Evening Event with lots of surprises!



8:30 AM Breakfast from Hotel Archer Sponsored by Bright Party Rentals

General Learning Session

Key Note Speakers I & II

Morning Breakout/Hands On Class - Session I

12:30 PM Lunch by Hotel Archer Sponsored by Modern Luxury California Magazine 

Afternoon Breakout/Hands On Class - Session II

Key Note Speaker III

Editorial Panel

Group Photo by Kevin Chin

6:30 PM Evening Gala at Archer Hotel - All White Dress Code

Learning topics include

Business 101: What happens when the phone stops ringing?

Strategies: The Art of Collaborating

Logistics: How to Plan for the Unexpected?  Are you ready?

Your Voice: A Creative Life, A Creative Business

Wedding Industry: Trends & Styling Concepts

Wedding Consumer Types

Technology: Demystifying SEO

Customer Service: Reaching Millenials

Customer Experience: Are you an expert?  What makes you an expert? 

What do you believe in when it seems like business is going south?  

...and so much more!

*Early Bird Pricing will be announced June of 2017.  Choose from two registration types - Retreat only or Retreat with Full room and board.   Due to Postpone for the 2017 retreat to Spring of 2018.  Registration is temporary suspended until Spring 2018 dates are announced.  Oh So Inspired will be partnering with the Archer Hotel in Napa, California.  All workshop activities will be at Archer Hotel so we encourage attendees to stay at the Archer.  Hotel lodging can be booked through our Retreat with Full Room and Board package. 

Regular Investment:: $2450 Retreat Only, $3450 Retreat with Full Room and Board at Archer Hotel in King Bed Room